Time :      9.00 AM.– 1.30 PM

                   Pick up 8.15 – 8.45 AM.

Open :       Daily

Learning :  5 dishes of your choice 

                      (including make your own curry paste)

                      and  1  special dishes.

Price :        800/person


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●  Learn how to make an authentic curry paste in a nice environment with a safety house.

●  Everyone will have their own cooking station.

●  You’ll learn how to do basic vegetable carving for decorating your own dish.

●  You’ll be taught by the owners & receive a recipe book.


The classes is small, usually ranging from 210 people, & they each include:

●  A trip to the local market.

●  Drinking Water / Coffee / Tea.

●  Thai snacks & Seasonal fruits.

●  All Ingredient include.

●  Web albums from each class available for download.

●  Transportation to & from your hotel (Within 3 km from the old city).